The Shadows Disappear When You
Step Into Light


Many aeons ago, as the universe cooled, there was a vibration emitted. This vibration still resinates across the universe as the frequency of Love and Light. And this frequency is the Kor Element. The Kor Element is everywhere and in everything. We each have access to the Kor Element within us and when we tap into it, life becomes limitless. This is one who has tapped into the boundless and returned to share his story with you so you too may tap into your limitless potential by simply Stepping Into Light.

Kor Values:

Be the Change that you want to see.


You are Light. Every cell in your body emits energy and that is all that you are.


You are Love. Your heart is an infinite factory of Love. Open it and release the Peace.


A healthy body begins with a healthy mind. Choose Love. You don’t have to fight. The shadows disappear once you Step Into Light.


Just try. Everyday just try to be better than you were yesterday. Drink less, smoke less, get angry less.




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